Does my car need to be in good condition for CarCupid to buy it?

We will evaluate your car and make you an offer based on our assessment.

Is the offered price negotiable?

We are willing to negotiate with customers to ensure everyone is satisfied with the sale price.

My car is not roadworthy, does that matter?

No, we will purchase your car in an unroadworthy condition.

I have money outstanding on my car loan, will this affect the purchase?

No, this will not affect our offer to purchase your car, however, the loan will either be paid out in part by CarCupid or the customer, prior to the car being sold.

Will CarCupid collect my car on acceptance of an offer?

Yes, we can organise collection of vehicles.

Will CarCupid inspect my car and log book before making in offer?

Yes, we’ll need to inspect your vehicle and logbook before making a firm offer to purchase.

I’ve misplaced my log book; will this affect the amount of money offered?

Whilst it is handy to have your logbook, we are able to purchase cars without a service history.

Do I need to provide a Certificate of Roadworthiness?


Do I need to complete an Application of Transfer Registration form or does CarCupid do that for me?

No, we’ll do this for you as part of our service.

Am I required to tell you if the car is on the Written-off Vehicle Register?


Can I sell a car that’s registered interstate?